Mailing Address:  Heather Fisher Wallin, State Hwy 35, Ferryville, WI  54628

Phone:  317-66CHARM or 317-662-4276

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  1. Last fall you were in Lancaster, WI and I purchased two bracelets which you could unscrew the top and put different stone colors in the holder. I love mine! I would like to know if you still have these and if you still have the ring? Thank you!

    1. I hope you have received your ring by now. Let me know if you love the ring as much your bracelets!

  2. Shows coming up in December? Coon valley this year?

    1. Yes, Lahara Lockets will be at Coon Valley again this year. Looking forward to it!

  3. does the large size disc fit in the watch locket and can a disk be used in the locket?

    1. Yes, the large plates fit and can be used in the watch!

  4. Milwaukee Brewers charm?

    1. Thanks for asking! We don’t have a Milwaukee Brewers charm at this point, but you could always add blue and gold gem charms with a baseball, bat or letter M.

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